The Biggest Truth about Artists

Artists live in the dimension of magic.

But we also live in the real world. It’s hard to handle both worlds.

How can artists live in the real world while maintaining access to magic world? How can we find harmony?
I tend to step more towards the side of magic. In fact, I feel that it is the task of an artist to bring more magic to the world because through our work we can help other people to find magic in this world. The harmony between the two worlds is necessary. Every artist must find its own path of stability. This is part of the artist’s journey. Create time for magic! Make time for things like meditation, walking, reading and contemplation so that you can prepare for the moments you are creating.

At the same time, make time for real world tasks.

Never forget that people around us are so important! When a family member or friend is in need that’s where you must put your attention.

This is the dance!

Don’t forget that making art is both for yourself and for the world.

Art is communication, it needs to be seen of others. It needs to live in the world. Art that gets shoved under the bed after creation is not art, it’s paint on canvas.

Artists are leaders, not followers. We use our craft to express our voice.

This is spiritual work, sacred work. This is important work.

This is my work.

With all my heart,
~ Ioana Radulescu

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