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Made on lime wood top with a diameter of 50 × 30 cm. Acrylic, bas-relief elements, gold leaf, mosaic.

The work originates from the theme of creation, in which all the elements are in infinite, ideal motion, in which the cosmos is beating. It bears this name because Zenzizenzizenzic represents the square of a square, that is to say the eighth power. The number 256 is such a number. The painting is made up of 256 elements that, together, lead to the peace found in the painting. Everything is actually a whole bunch of physical and chemical elements that put together have built the infinite movement.

The being from the top right is called Tord and represents the Creator of that space, he watches, and he also consists of 3 planets.... The unicorn on the right, below, is related to Kronos, who is the parent of Time and the Golden Age. Kronos or Saturn corresponds to the highest planetary sphere, the 7th heaven in the Indian tradition.

The planets are similar to the planet Saturn and have atypical, square shapes. As a result, things can change at any time, the form being just an illusion. The planet on the bottom left is the Earth, and it will join the created Universe.

The central elements lead to the idea of Vulcan. The central atom, on a square planet, symbolizes the smallest part of a chemical element - the idea of construction, creation. When you look at this painting, build your own Universe in the form you want!

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