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Made on lime wood top with a diameter of 50 × 30 cm. Acrylic, bas-relief elements, porcelain.

This painting represents the energy of the girl before the wedding. Extrapolating the customs before the wedding on a sacred level, so we will make a little run in how the woman learns her own condition, how she feels, in what universe she lives in. Its spiritual evolution also requires an understanding of the physical world in which we live. We cannot hide from it and it is not enough to close our eyes for it to disappear. Along with our inner life, it is necessary to consider the outer life as well. We know well that... we are not isolated entities that live separately. We are in a subtle connection with everything that exists throughout Macrocosm. In order to integrate our universal harmony, it is important to know that infinite wisdom guides us at all times and inspires us in everything. Runcation is the woman of the future. Runcation is the enchanting manifestation of the supreme Shakti. When you look at this painting, you realize the sublime love, the tenderness, the warmth of the soul and the ecstasy of fulfillment.

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