Lifting the soul

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Made on lime wood top with a diameter of 50 × 30 cm. Acrylic, bas-relief elements, porcelain.

What does "raising" or "giving" mean to the soul? It means that we open up our whole being, hide nothing. It is the representation of devotion. I lift my soul in confidence and hope. Often we think of our "soul" as being synonymous with our spirit. But in ancient times, people believed that the soul is synonymous with our person. It is not one of our characteristics, but the union of our characteristics. My soul is slightly deviated towards fragmentation. Being overwhelmed leads to... trying to do too many things at once. Feeling self-doubt leads to validation in too many places. Suddenly, my beautiful knit soul is revealed in a pile of tangled yarn. When life is loose and divided, when stress has shattered me, when I walk around every corner for validation, when I fell into the trap of worldly life I feel lost. For Thee, endless love, I lift my soul. Heal me. Forgive me. Rescue Me. My hope is in you. I trust you. When you look at this picture you accept what you are and integrate your consciousness into your daily life.

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