Before the unicorns

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Made on lime wood top with a diameter of 50 × 30 cm. Acrylic, bas-relief elements, porcelain.

Just because we don't see unicorns, doesn't mean they didn't have a real impact on history. If you are not convinced about this, ask a pegasus 😊. The unicorn represents innocence, feminine energy and magic. It is a fascinating animal that captivates our imagination. The horn of the unicorn has miraculous powers: it cures diseases, cleanses the river, gives life. Some stories speak of the unicorn as a being with miraculous powers, invisible and with the possibility of hiding from people's eyes, disappearing as if by miracle. This is the representation of power, but also of purity. Through its unique horn, the unicorn represents the arrow of justice, the sun's ray, the Creator's sword....But what was ahead of the unicorns? Was it the vacuum? This cosmic space located beyond the limit of the atmosphere of a planet. However, it is not completely devoid of content, but is filled with extremely low pressure gases and powders. The cosmic space contains gravitational fields, electromagnetic radiation, neutrinos. Theoretically, it also contains black energy and dark matter. Because the atmosphere does not end abruptly, but becomes thinner progressively, there is no clearly defined boundary between the atmosphere and the cosmic space. When you look at this painting, you have the courage to go deep into the imagination and tell me what you will discover.

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