Here are just are just a few of My Worksavailable for sale right now

This is a presentation website of the artist’s works. If you wish to purchase any of the available works or for any other questions please contact the artist.

Useful information

Here are several ways you can purchase artwork by Ioana Radulescu. This website will allow you to purchase original works created by a rising artist that caught the attention of collectors around the world.

A great way to meet the artist is to visit her booth at one of the many art shows she attends. You may also make an appointment to see her online. This is the best way to see her newest work (still drying on their racks) before anyone else!

You can purchase made-to-order of Ioana Radulescu artwork by contacting her through the contact form on this website. Made to order works can be made respecting the specific of the artist and all the details will be agreed together.

The artist’s works can also be found on other specialized platforms around the world like Saatchi Art, Galeria Mea and more.

  1. Figure out what you like.
  2. Determine what you’re buying: Are you buying something that you love and you wish to display, do you think it is a nice gift or you consider it is an investment?
  3. Ask what the price is and any other questions you may have about that particular work.
  4. Size does matter so make sure that it will be placed where it will look the best, no matter if it is for you or a gift for someone dear.
  5. Ask for the bill and when you get it, make the payment.
  6. Track your purchase.
  7. Enjoy it at least as much I enjoyed creating that work!

Your painting will look different depending on what lighting you have for it. Natural ambient light will create a nice feel for your painting during daylight hours, subtly changing as the sun rises and sets during the day. At night, however, you will be fully reliant on artificial light.

I am sure you have noticed how great paintings look in a gallery setting. Art galleries will use warm or cool-toned spot lighting to bring out the colors in certain parts of the painting, intensifying the light on the painting’s center of attention. You can imitate this effect in your own home by installing halogen directional spot lighting in the ceiling above your painting. These lights are surprisingly inexpensive to install. There are many options for low-wattage spot lights and LEDs, as well.

We recommend this kind:

My works My works spotlight

Even without direct lighting on your painting, however, the artwork will still look great with nearby incandescent lighting. The one thing you want to avoid is hanging your painting behind a hanging chandelier, which will cast a direct glare spot in the middle of the painting, without highlighting the natural colors and texture of the painting.

A light that is angled from above will allow you to experience the thick brushwork, perceive each subtle variation in color, and truly enjoy the painting in a whole new light.

We will email you an invoice that can be payed by bank transfer or PayPal. The delivery will be made after the payment is confirmed.

All paintings will be shipped through UPS. All paintings receive the highest level of care and secure packaging to insure safe delivery. Please allow 3-7 days handling time on all purchases. Packages are normally received within 5-7 business days within the Europe and may take as long as two months for international shipping. A tracking number will be sent to the buyer after shipment. Shipping cost includes packaging and handling fees.

Purchaser is responsible for any customs taxes/duties.

I strive for the best quality in both materials and finish. Each piece is signed and dated on the back, and the front is initialed if possible. All paintings are on a quality, 2 deep, with painted sides and are wired and ready to hang.

Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with each painting.

All refunds are discretionary as determined by Artist Ioana Radulescu.

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know by contacting our support team directly. The support desk can be reached at: