How To Be An Artist – Art is one of the first languages we learn as children

Art is one of the first languages we learn as children. I decided to be an artist when I was in elementary school. I was always an artist. It was the easiest language for me to communicate, so it made sense that I would continue with it.

Making art is what makes you an artist.

For me, an artist is someone who create a painting (in this case) and then inoculate what was made with meaning. An artist is a meaning maker.

Do you want to know how to be an artist? Make things. Make them well. And make them meaningful!

Art is a true expression of our humanity. Just like how we develop as people, artistic talent is a combination of nature and creativity.

If you make art, you are an artist. It’s not dictated by financial success or professional success. But if you don’t make art, then you aren’t an artist anymore. The challenging thing isn’t how to be an artist. The challenging thing is how to keep being an artist.

It’s important to have a space to make work. It doesn’t have to be a physical space. It can also be a mental space.

I believe that it’s important to focus on connecting with inner voice and developing art in order to build up your practice and to bring essence to your work.

With all my heart,
~ Ioana Radulescu

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